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Atelier Thomas Pucher
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Vienna Viertel Zwei - Rondo

Luxury apartment towers in the centre of Vienna


Architects: Atelier Thomas Pucher
Location: Vienna, Austria
Project area: 23.500 mē

Team: Thomas Pucher, Erich Ranegger, Robert Lamprecht, Marvi Basha, Christa Pucher, Sara Schmidt, Monika Kowaluk, Marko Acimovic, Nemanja Kocic, Alberto Blanco-Vincente, Patrick Hemetsberger, Hannes St?ffler, Dominik Zach, Peter Eppich, Jose Miguel Sanchez, Matus Gibala

Renderings: Lukas Gac

The property is the meeting place of different urban space and landscape elements, which also represent constructions from different periods: the Prater, the Vienna University of Economics and Business Campus, the trotting course, Viertel Zwei, and the subway station. It's a place with a wealth of atmosphere: green space and city, old and new. This charming contrast is prototypical of the modern urban patchwork landscape in this case with a rare quality of balance.

The design should accommodate this unique situation and turn it into an exciting architecture. Our planning opens countless lines of sight between the adjacent districts as a way of bringing together the neighbourhoods in a macro sense. The result is a porous urban intervention that acts as a moderator or host between the neighbourhoods.


The surrounding sites are diverse and consistently pleasant. The round swhape of the buildings have a small ground floor area, no sharp angles interrupts the sightlines, and they aggregate as a permeable block. This creates not only a unique form, but also an atmosphere that actively interplays with the surrounding districts and neighbourhoods.


From each of the houses one has views in all directions, and the diversity of the surroundings gets incorporated into the interior of the district.


The majority of the site is left as clean field conditions with only a few defined paths. It permits spontaneous paths as people follow their own inclinations. As undefined paths begin to emerge over time, they interface with the defined paths to map out the real network and connections, the "socio-neural" structure, of the different neighbourhoods.


The solid balcony balustrade is lowered to be a 45cm band, with the additional height for a guard rail achieved by a 1m hand rail. This allows for unobstructed views of the landscape while sitting.