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Atelier Thomas Pucher
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Renovation and extension of a 70?s office building in Graz, Austria. Invited competition

Size: 22.500 m? gross floor area

Team: Atelier Thomas Pucher in collaboration with bramberger [architects] and Reiter & Viollet
Alfred Bramberger, Thomas Pucher, Kai-Uwe Preissl, Heidrun Primas, Gerhard Pichler, Martin Mathy, Andreas Reiter

An existing 70?s highrise building, situated in a small but beautiful park should be renovated and complemented with a lowrise office extension. Since this extension would eliminate the park and complicate the working structures of the company, we designed nothing new but slightly enlarged the existing building on its edge sides in order to obtain simple and flexible office floors. The park would be refurbished and equiped with the pavillon for the restaurant - one of the main communication points in every company.

Since this extension reduces the surface of facades significantly compared to the former solution it is possible to equip the building with a state of the art low energy facade.