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Atelier Thomas Pucher
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2008 - 2009
Spar G
Supermarket in Gamlitz, Austria; comission.

General planning : Atelier Thomas Pucher
Thomas Pucher, Katharina Reichweger, Jan Schrader

Spar Gamlitz: a bold new aesthetic for a supermarket.

How do you go about making a typical 90s suburban supermarket, already worn and dilapidated, into a striking modern architectural statement? The original plan was to tear the store down and start again from scratch, however this proved beyond the budget.

Instead, an ingenious and inexpensive redesign has transformed the building into a robust and longlasting structure. The existing grey block was wrapped in a case of moulded concrete cast on site. Its colour is a rich reddish brown, a reference to the Gamlitz soil which produces outstanding internationally renowned wines. Over the course of the day its tones shift according to the light.

The entrance extends from the chunky block into the sharp, angular edges of a cave framing a long glass facade. The single clear entrance points towards the road taken on the return home to Gamlitz, the time of day when most people tend to shop. The building has become a favourite landmark for the local community; with its bold new aesthetic, Spar Gamlitz is a unique and wonderfully unconventional supermarket.