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Atelier Thomas Pucher
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Danish Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History. Copenhagen, Denmark. International competition, Honourable mention.

The new Museum of Natural History of Copenhagen is one huge space of orchestration and drama. 542 Million years of our earth’s evolution are shown on 54,2m in height. Like in a Jules Verne fairy tale one travels amidst time and space. One meter of journey shows us 10Million years of evolution.

It combines all kinds of media – old and new ones – in one giant Total-Theatre. As if Darwin would have asked Shakespeare to explain his theories.

It is not a classical museum anymore. It is a 3D media machine and space. A new type of building designed out of the impressive modern tools of presentation: architecture, video, internet, virtual reality, sound, theatre, etc.

Every object in this space – stone, plant, animal – is placed exactly at the time of its origin and above the area in the world where it appeared. Everything is localized exactly in time and space. Certain objects like birds or flying dinosaurs are fixed on a drawingfloor and can be moved through the air.

People move through history on platforms and escalators.

The building is no longer the boundary of the exhibition but the stage where exhibition is performed.

The thick wall of the building houses all accompanying functions of the exhibition space. It is conceived as one thick volume with integrated combs. It is cast in place with concrete, colored and made with different sized concrete aggregates just as an image of the geological stratums of the Phanerozic. From the inside as well as from the outside it looks like one reference core sample.


GFA: 14 000 m?
Site: 120 000 m?

Thomas Pucher, Nina Sleska, Wolfgang Weissberg, Janine Witte, Rene Reiter

In ordinary museums exhibitions are organized from floor to floor. Time Scales are placed everywhere but all exhibitions have to follow the architecture and for visitors it is not possible to understand the unbelievable dimensions and complex interrelations.

The basic idea of this museum is to transform the Geologic Time Scale directly into a full scale building. As a result one huge space appears – a stage – a visual time machine, where the incredible time-period of evolution is presented for the first time in history as one understandable space.

By looking through the heights and depths of the building You can really FEEL the dimensions of time and space.